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Natural Estate Agent Headshots - connect with your clients

Relaxed, natural estate agent headshots that connect with your clients on a more personal level. Photographing people is what I do and nearly everyone I photograph starts the conversation with... "I hate having my picture taken" and I get it! Memories of those awkward, uncomfortable school photos comes to most peoples minds so its understandable that you might feel a bit anxious about it all.

I am a relaxed photographer I dont pose or overdirect, allowing you to sit or stand however they like, if your uncomfortable its going to come through in the image. I love working on location, photographing people in natural and comfortable environments, not afraid to show your true personality in front of the camera. Its importantyou feel relaxed, this needs to come through in the photograph. I am able to put my clients at ease and trust me when I say, its never as bad as you think!

Estate agent headshot in the home

We all know that clients want to book and do business with someone who is professional, friendly and can trust. First empressions count and its important this can be seen in your headshot, espechilly if you are an estate agent!

Christina did not want the corporate business headshot but instead a more personal, friendly and relaxed alternative to connect with her clients on a more personal leve. For this shoot we chose a comfy sofa in the comfort of her own home, which suited her requiremnets perfectly!

Estate Agent Headshots only £95 in Essex including 3 high resolution images, for more details visit pricing

Estate agent headshot in the home


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